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The Perfect Playhouses for Kids

When you want a playhouse for your children, forget plastic. Plastic is cheap, it gets dirty easily, and everyone else has one. You need something unique, something that will last for almost an entire lifetime, and something that your children will absolutely love.

You need a playhouse from Derksen and Damascus Portable Buildings!

Playhouses from Damascus look like real houses, only miniaturized! They come with all the comfortable amenities of home – high walls, windows, porches, and more – and are built to specified sizes of all kinds.

Take some time to look over our inventory of various playhouses and decided which one is right for your family:

Cottage Style:
The cottage style playhouse combines the real feel of a Texas ranch house with the diminutive size children need to feel at home. These portable play spaces come in 10’ x 12’ and 10’ x 16’ sizes, and can be customized in either painted and treated or log-sided styles! 

Hideout Style:
The Hideout-style playhouse has all the impressive rustic aesthetics of a real log cabin and an alluring, modern design! Extra high walls can be a feature of any hideout construction on our playhouses, and the extra storage space is great for kid’s special treasures as well! 

Victorian Style:
Looking for something a little more elegant for your play place? Try the Victorian style! Victorian style playhouses offer a large number of size options, and can be painted in up to 8 different colors to accommodate your little one’s favorite.

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